Playmate pink

The First Pink Mustang – Playboy Playmate of the Year Donna Michele’s Car

This is the car that started the bizarre pink Mustang craze.  This photo, published in the February 1965 issue of Playboy magazine shows Donna in the car given to her as prize for becoming the 1964 Playmate of the Year. This was the first car given to a playmate for winning PMOY, and to this [...]


The Pink Mustang Blog

Welcome to, a blog started due to the accidental purchase of a 1965 pink mustang a few years back.  Is it strange?  Yeah, but it turns more heads than a Shelby! The Mustang is currently undergoing a complete restoration, and photos will be posted as the car progresses!

No, My 1965 Pink Mustang is NOT Listed for Sale in Florida!

A special Thank you to everyone out there that called or emailed me regarding the apparent listing of my vehicle by a dealer located in Pompano Beach, Florida.  For the record, this dealer took what he called a “stock photo” until he could get real pictures of the car up.  I’m not going to get [...]

Convertible Top Pulled for Restoration

I’ve got the top out the mustang, and I’ve packed it away safely for the winter while I work on the body of the Mustang.  Pulling the top out itself was simple, I did it by myself in about an hour.  I was expecting it to be a lot more complicated that it really was!

Original 1965 “playmate pink” color

Here’s an image of what the original “playmate pink” on a ford mustang looked like.  This photo was taken during the current dismantling and restoration of my 1965 convertible. When I compare this original paint to 1957 Ford Thunderbird color charts from Ditzler, the color matches up perfectly to Ford’s Dusk Rose. It’s my belief [...]

A few other pink 1965 Mustangs Surface

Back in October, a pink 1965 mustang surfaced and the owner was looking to sell.  It seemed to be in great shape, but the only downside to it was that it was missing the door plate.  Unfortunately, without the original plate, there is no way to know if the car was a factory special order [...]

Replacing the Convertible Top

I’m only about 4 months delinquent here, but I replaced the convertible top on the car immediately after I picked it up.  Here’s why: I debated on doing it myself, but I decided that I would be better off having a professional do the work, and it came out great!  The only down side is [...]

Building a Stable for the Pony

Having a love for old cars carries with it an inherent problem:  Where do you keep them all?  For the odd junker or parts car, indoor storage may not be a necessity, but for an antique that’s in decent shape it’s a different story altogether. Unfortunately, I purchased the Mustang without a garage space waiting [...]

Interior and Carpet Restoration

I pulled the interior and carpet on the 1965 convertible Mustang with the intention of replacing pretty much everything.  I wasn’t sure what condition the floor pans would be in, but I’ve patched and replaced pans in other mustangs, so the prospect doesn’t frighten me too much. Here’s what the Mustang looked like before I [...]

Ford Carlisle 2009

My brother and I went up to Ford Carlisle this past summer to sell his 1965 Mustang Coupe.  The car didn’t sell unfortunately, but here’s a funny picture I found while searching through my photo archives.  The Car is still for sale, so if you’re looking for a 1965 Mustang Coupe HiPo GT Project, this [...]

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