The Pink Mustang Blog

Welcome to, a blog started due to the accidental purchase of a 1965 pink mustang a few years back.  Is it strange?  Yeah, but it turns more heads than a Shelby!

The Mustang is currently undergoing a complete restoration, and photos will be posted as the car progresses!

2 thoughts on “The Pink Mustang Blog

  1. Eric

    I bought a 67 Mustang about 12 years ago. It was dusk rose when I bought it, needed a paint job so I painted it blue. Turns out it was one of the original dusk rose mustangs. What are the value of these cars? I’m wondering if its worth it to go back with the dusk rose paint. I just got the marti report which confirmed what we thought.

    • pink1965 Post author

      Repainting it Dusk rose would really be a personal choice more than anything else. It would likely give it an increase in value, but the cost of the repaint may be more than the increase in value it would bring.


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