Original 1965 “playmate pink” color

Notice the original paint vs. the mis-colored respray

Here’s an image of what the original “playmate pink” on a ford mustang looked like.  This photo was taken during the current dismantling and restoration of my 1965 convertible.

When I compare this original paint to 1957 Ford Thunderbird color charts from Ditzler, the color matches up perfectly to Ford’s Dusk Rose.

It’s my belief that the color on the early 1965/1966 “playmate pink” mustangs was in fact Ford Dusk Rose, but because it was not on any paint charts in the mid ’60′s, combined with the hype that came with the playboy giveaway, the “playmate pink” term has gained popularity in popular terminology and led to confusion as to what the original “pink” actually was on the early Mustangs.

3 thoughts on “Original 1965 “playmate pink” color

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  2. Michy Kant

    You really have a beautiful mustang! This dusk rose color is just beautiful! I really enjoyed reading your posts!


  3. Teri

    I don’t know a whole lot about the 65/66 Mustangs, but I do know that there was some question as to if Ford actually call play boy pink, playboy pink in 67 because they were a very modest company in the 60′s or if all pink Mustangs in 67 were Dusk Rose. Well I just seen a 1967 Playboy pink Mustang this weekend and I can tell you the colors are definitely different. My Dusk Rose Mustang is a lot lighter in color and has more lavender tones to it. The Playboy is more like a Pepto Bismol pink. I was also told that the only year Ford used Dusk Rose on a Mustang was in 1967. Although The later part of 1966 one was able to order Dusk Rose on there Mustang because the 1967 colors were available. As far as 65 Mustangs that I have seen in pictures the pink has been a lot paler in color than the Dusk Rose.


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